Competitive (REP)

TFC Academy Program @ Cavan FC

In 2010 Cavan FC proudly became a member of the TFC Academy Program.TFC Academy

The Academy provides identified players a path of growth that will ideally lead them to the Toronto FC 1st Team. The Academy Program is also unified in the continuous education of its coaches and players to maintain a high level of knowledge of the game while at the same time, never loosing sight of good character, judgment, honesty and fair play. click here to read more…

About Cavan FC

Cavan FC, the competitive division of Maple Leaf – Cavan FC, was formed in the fall of 2007 to cater to those children who are passionate about the world’s “beautiful game”.

Cavan FC’s objective is to develop and foster great soccer players who push each other to maximize their potential. Cavan FC’s guiding philosophy is Player First in every decision we make we ask ‘What is best for the player’ – it is that player centric spirit that makes Cavan FC who we are!

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