Cavan FC: Our Perspective on Player Tryouts

As a club, Cavan FC strives to provide what is best for each player.

Our constitution outlines our mission: …to help individuals to develop their character as resourceful and responsible members of their community by providing opportunities, through the game of soccer, for their mental, physical, social and leadership development.  It is with this mission and our player-first philosophy in mind that we have developed the following information for you to consider as you approach player tryouts.

Unfortunately sometimes, you don’t have a choice –  if team/club selection is limited and you are not able/willing to travel outside your community making a decision on which team/club to tryout for may not be an option. But sometimes you do have options, and when you do, we urge you to consider what is best for you the player.

There are many choices in life and decisions about which soccer team to play on can be one of those.  If you have the option to tryout for different teams and with different clubs, why not take advantage?  Just as you should try on different soccer cleats, you should try on different teams.  And, just as the coaches are looking at you to determine if you fit their team, you should be looking at the team to see if it fits you. Of course, Cavan FC would like you to choose one of our teams but part of life is making decisions and the best decisions are informed decisions and you can’t make informed decisions without gathering all the information so hopefully this will help guide you to make the best decision possible.

At the end of your soccer season (i.e. tryout time), every player is considered a “free agent”.  That is, you are entitled to tryout with other teams/clubs (there are no residential restrictions in soccer) – your obligation to your current team ends at the completion of your final season game.

Ask questions if a coach recommends that you not tryout at another team/club.  If the coach is genuinely interested in what is best for you – in your development and growth as a soccer player, why would they limit your options?

Here are some suggestions on what to look for when deciding where you should play next season….

  • Coaching
    • Do you respond well to the coach?
    • Did they make you feel welcome at the tryout?
    • Do you feel they have the knowledge required to take you to your next level? What coaching levels do they hold?
  • During the tryout did they run any drills to evaluate all players equally?
  • What are the plans for winter training? Will there be opportunities for individual development?
  • What is the team’s playing style?
  • What are the team dynamics? * This may be hard to tell but it is usually evident who was previously on the team – do they make you feel welcome? Are they respectable towards you/each other?
  • What are the approx. season costs? What does it include?

What happens after the tryouts?

  • At no point should you feel pressured to sign with a club immediately after the tryout.  At Cavan FC we direct our coaches to provide players and parents with seven days to consider an offer to play with one of our teams.  If you require time to reflect and decide what is best for you as a player make sure you take it. Coaches offer spots to players whom they believe will fit their team: coaches should be prepared to wait a week to hear your answer. Of course, if you are confident you want to play on a team, you are free to sign and make a commitment immediately.

Good luck at ALL your tryouts. Have fun, play fair, get better. Cavan FC