’98 Girls Give Back to Cavan FC

This season marks the first time our inaugural ’98 girls team has not taken the pitch.  Many of our ’98 boys were fortunate enough to find a home on the newly minted Cavan FC Mens’ team, however, we were not as successful in fielding a competitive women’s team this year.  But that didn’t stop our girls from finding new ways to stay involved in the game they love.

For 2017, our club was very fortunate to benefit from the years of hard work, training, and experience of one of our very talented ’98 girls.  Maddy Serpa was an asset to the ’98 girls as their keeper/field player and she proudly joined the ’02 girls team as their assistant manager/trainer.  She has made Cavan FC very proud this season in her dedication to the club and her commitment to her team.  She has mentored our new generation of female players and shown them what it means to be a part of the Cavan FC family.  We wish her the best this year while she goes back to Laurier to study kinesiology and hope she will return next summer to visit.