Cavan FC Celebrates Canada’s 150th

Cavan FC Medallion

For the second time in its history,  the board of directors created this special medallion.  Awarded to all Cavan FC players, this medallion commemorates Canada’s 150th year and celebrates the 2017 soccer season.

The medallion represents our club: people working together to make sure you have what you need to enjoy, grow and flourish playing soccer.

The medallion also represents your team: whether wearing the red and black stripes or not, on the field and off, win or lose, in training and during a match, your team is bound together in the spirit of competition, fair play and dedication to one another to be the best team you can be.

And finally, the medallion portrays the sport that brings us together.   Some say soccer is a metaphor for life.  In that vein, soccer, like life, is unpredictable — there is no certainty of success — but success is more likely if you are committed to hard work, pushing yourself to get better, and most importantly, having fun and loving the game you play. 


This is our club,

This is our team,

This is our game!

Cavan FC


The board of directors would like to thank the Cavan Kickers Soccer Club for its generous donation to Cavan FC to make these medallions possible.