Cavan FC – The Future of Coaching

As some of you might know, I have only had the pleasure of being a board member for a little under two years now and have two house league/rep seasons proudly under my belt.  During my very short tenure, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing young athletes.  One of these players, in particular, made such an impression on me that I just knew she would go on to do amazing things.  I’m very privileged to be tasked with sharing the next chapter in her story with you and could not be more proud of what she has planned next…

Coaching Announcement – 2003 Girls

In 2009, the Cavan FC ’98 Girls team was formed, the 2nd ever CFC competitive team.  This was the year, Alivya Brown joined Cavan FC and for 9 consecutive seasons, this left footed striker brought her heart and soul to every game.  But she didn’t just play for Cavan FC, Ali also gave back to her soccer community and could always be counted on to volunteer at most of our club events.

Ali’s passion for the game and her desire to remain a part of the Cavan FC/MLCFC family has now inspired her to volunteer this season as the HEAD COACH of our ’03 Girls for the 2018 season.

Our entire club could not be more proud or excited to have our first Cavan FC alumni Head Coach. Congratulations Ali, we are all here to support you!