Volunteer Opportunities

What is a “Board of Directors” anyways?

A board of directors is the governing body of a non-profit organization.  They approve budgets, establish long-term strategies and oversee various organizational policies.  Given the wide range of responsibilities needed from its members, a board needs people of various backgrounds to join.

What’s required?

Typically, a long-term commitment of at least one to two years is required for board members, with good reason; to make smart decisions about an organization, you’ll need to invest time into learning about its history, current operations, and future goals.

Exactly how much time you’ll spend on board-related activities depends on the organization.  The MLCFC board of directors is very hands-on as our members are responsible for the entire behind the scenes operation of the club.  We depend on community volunteers to help us implement our plan of action.

Who will like it?

If you want to get more involved in the club and help it grow over time, this is the opportunity for you.  While it will require a good deal of responsibility, you’ll reap a ton of rewards; In addition to strengthening various skills that are beneficial regardless of your field – such as fundraising or project management – you can grow your network by connecting with and through your fellow board members.

2018 Board of Directors – Open Positions

Our annual general meeting will be held on October 6, 2017, at the lion’s club in Millbrook starting at 7 pm.  We will be electing new board members during the AGM.  The AGM is an open event and everyone is welcome to attend.  If you have an interest in possibly joining our board please contact our president at taucoin@mlcfc.com

Executive Directors
  • President (even year)
  • Vice President (odd year)
  • Secretary (odd year)
  • Treasurer (even year)
  • Club Administrator (odd year)
  • Game Scheduler (even year)
  • Webmaster (odd year)
  • HL – Director of Operations (odd year)
  • Rep – Director of Operations (even year)
  • Director of Community Relations (even year)
  • Director at Large (one-year term)
  • HL – Director at Large (one-year term)
Rep Directors
  • Rep – Registrar (even year)
  • Rep – Director of Equipment (odd year)
  • Rep – Director of Coaching (odd year)
  • Rep – Year End Coordinator (even year)
  • Rep – Director at Large (one-year term)