Online Coach Evaluation

PLEASE NOTE: Coach Evaluations are confidential.

Our coaching evaluations are very important to our Club. It is your way of having input into our coaching selection for the next season. We take all input into consideration. The evaluations will be reviewed by a select team of executive members of MLCFC, scores and comments will be summarized and a summary evaluation will be prepared and reviewed with each coach. POSITIVE and negative constructive feedback is appreciated.

Thank you for helping us improve the Cavan FC experience

Coach’s Name:

Team Name (i.e. 01 Boys, etc):
Your Perspective:


Well prepared & organized.
Teaches age appropriate skills and tactics.
Provides corrective feedback in a constructive way.
Displays good sportsmanship and a proper winning vs losing perspective.
Provides reasonable playing time for all players (a competitive
program does not guarantee equal playing time for all players).
Encourages players to respect opponents, game officials and to
play fair.
Is in control of the team and his emotions during game situations.
Players are prepared to play at game time.



Is direct and honest when dealing with players and parents, focused
on the player’s self esteem.
Able to teach / instruct skills to youth, demonstrates patience
and encouragement.
Has a positive attitude towards players, acknowledges improvement
and effort.
Positive role model for players.
Is able to resolve player / parent issues. i.e. playing time disputes,
behavioral problems, etc.
Is approachable by both players and parents


Player assessments were done at the beginning of the season and
reviewed with the players and their parents in a positive manner.
Player assessments were done at the end of the season and reviewed
with the players and their parents in a positive manner.
Treats all players with respect and equality in regards to promoting
player self-esteem


The team’s abilities have improved.
The coach communicated well with players/parents regarding goals
and expectations for the season.
Soccer has been made an enjoyable and positive learning experience.


Do you feel this coach displayed technical and tactical soccer
Do you look forward to playing competitive soccer next season?
Should the club retain this coach in its competitive program for
next season?